City Towing Contract - Built For The Lowest Common Denominator?

City Towing Contract – Built For The Lowest Common Denominator?

Whether you need a new city towing contract or are just looking for a better one, there are many things to consider. For example, you’ll want to make sure your contract includes the use of a rotational tow list. You also want to make sure your company isn’t subcontracting to a company that isn’t approved to tow cars. Another important aspect of a city towing contract is whether it is okay to use a wrecker that’s unapproved.

City Towing Contract – Maintenance of a rotational tow list

A City Towing Contract requires towing companies to maintain a rotational tow list. To maintain the list, the towing company must respond within two minutes and have the required equipment ready for the call. Otherwise, the tow company loses its turn on the rotational list and will not be called again until the next rotation.

The rotation tow list includes all vehicles impounded for evidence or criminal investigation and vehicles that are not on the regular tow list. The rotational tow list also covers heavy towing, jump-starts, and flat tire repair. If a tow company fails to meet this requirement, it will be placed at the bottom of the list and considered a REFUSAL to provide service. The Department may waive this requirement in special circumstances, but that is to be determined on a case-by-case basis.

If a towing company is removed from the rotation list, it can appeal the decision to the Chief of Police. The Chief of Police shall review the appeal and provide a reason for his decision. If the appeal is denied, the towing company may appeal to the City Manager.

City Towing Contract - Built For The Lowest Common Denominator?

A tow company may deviate from the tow rotation list in emergency situations, such as a crash or accident. In these situations, the police department and the towing company may obtain towing services from a variety of sources. A towing company may also choose to resign from the list when the current list is full.

Towing companies are responsible for ensuring that the safety of all parties involved is ensured. They are required to provide a phone number that is operational 24 hours a day. If the towing service is unavailable, the Police Department will contact the next available service on the list.

Subcontracting with an unapproved wrecker service

In Massachusetts, subcontracting with an unapproved wrecker service under a city towing contract violates the state’s law requiring fair competition. The Amended RFR fails to provide adequate disclosures and does not provide a score sheet that accurately reflects the price proposals. MassDOT is required to update its scoring criteria and improve its monitoring systems and procedures.

City towing contracts usually include provisions regarding recovery treatment and mileage. For example, subcontractors must be on a Head-out list and rotate calls. They must also provide free service to City vehicles and Chatham County vehicles. Moreover, they must provide service for City vehicles that are inoperable or involved in accidents, unless a warrant has been issued to release the vehicle. Moreover, they must be available for 24/7 service when vehicles are inoperable or involved in accidents. Additionally, City towing contracts must require that a wrecker service provide service to the public at all hours of the day and night, excluding holidays. Also read about What You Need to Know When Your Car Or Truck Needs to Be Towed by visiting

When subcontracting with an unapproved wrecker service under a city towing contract, you may face severe penalties. The first step is to ensure that the company is equipped with at least two (2) wreckers on duty. Then, you need to ensure that the wrecker is fully equipped with emergency safety equipment.

Another step is to check for the presence of all of the required documentation and licenses. This is the best way to make sure that you’re getting the best deal. Be sure to thoroughly read the RFP instructions. There are specific requirements for each of these.

Signage requirements

In order to be compliant with the towing contract, a towing company must post a sign announcing its services. These signs must be clearly visible day and night and be at least 12 inches by 24 inches in size. They must also display clear and legible lettering with a contrasting background color. In addition, the signs must have the name and phone number of the towing company and its street address.

Signage requirements for city towing contracts vary by state. For example, in Tennessee, the sign must be 18 inches by 12 inches with lettering at least one inch tall. In addition, the sign must state that any unauthorized vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense. The sign should also contain the phone number of the city police and the towing company’s contact information.


The towing industry is a billion-dollar industry, but it’s also one that’s rife with abuse. Although towing companies are often essential to the public’s safety, they can also be exploited to reap personal profits. This is why many people have questioned the role of these companies. In the United States alone, towing operations account for about $11.3 billion in revenue. Despite the growing popularity of safety features in new cars, non-consensual tows still represent a significant portion of the industry’s revenue.


The data for the towing program came from Department of Human Resources data obtained through the public data portal. The data included headcounts of departments and bureaus as well as health benefit cost tables. The data also included the number of boots in the City’s Midway and O’Hare Airports each month. WBEZ obtained these data through more than 100 Freedom of Information Act requests.

The towing contract requires that the Contractor maintain records created as part of its performance. The records are the property of the City, and the Contractor must retain them. Once a vehicle has been towed, the contractor must notify the Police Bureau within an hour of completing the job.

The contract also states that the contractor must provide reasonable care for a towed vehicle. The contractor must also make reasonable provisions for the security of the towed vehicle and its property. For example, the contractor must secure the towed vehicle in a secure yard. The contractor should also provide a receipt for the removal of personal property.

The city will select a qualified and experienced contractor for this contract. The proposal should include relevant experience with other public agencies and a description of relevant, comparable projects. It must also include the brief resumes of key staff members and an hourly rate schedule. Applicants must submit this information in a sealed envelope.